Day 2 - Still lots to do...More jiggers to be removed and sites treated with antibiotic ointment; labs to be drawn and children, which almost all, with malaria to be started on malaria medicine or if needed HIV medicine, also. Then just pray the feet gets the ointment put on and they receive the medications they need to get better. Pictures to the left: Jeri Barnes drawing labs in 1st pic and Macy Phillips with a Ugandan nurse,removing jiggers.

Day three at orphanage - Lynn messaged that they have now seen 270 kids and removed many jiggers! We had two children very sick today with temps of 105, had to be taken to clinic where the doctor treated them... they were given IVs and put on antibiotics, both has malaria and one had HIV...We are learning so much and know the mission will be long going for a long time...

 Hannah messaged... Lots of highs and lots of lows...but I could not ask for more at this point.

 Some of the medical supplies donated  for this mission trip to Budiba, Uganda with a medical team to do wound care, remove jiggers from the childrens feet and treat other illnesses...and share Jesus! 



2014 - March Medical Mission Team

Members are: (not in order) Stanley Phillips, Macy Phillips, Johnny Payne, Jeri Barnes, Lynn Phillips, Philip Quiqley, Mike Heath, Tommy Joiner, Kira Winston, Alyssa Hodgson, Hilton Grow,  Michael Kimbrell & Courtney Matheny.

Not pictured:  Christi Dixon, Hannah Harrison & Robert Womack.          

They have finished the first leg of their flight to Uganda, arriving in Amsterdam this Am. Took the train into Amsterdam for some sightseeing since there was an 8 hour lay over. Now are back in flight, next stop...Uganda!  Continue to pray for their safety &  health for the remainder of the flight and while in Budiba; also, for the 3 day Pastor's Conference that will be taking place over there. May Jesus so shine through each of these men & women as they serve Him in this awesome way that those they are helping each day can see Jesus in them and if they don't know what it is that they see, pray they get to know it is JESUS.

The team arrived at the airport in Amsterdam early this  morning and went into Amsterdam for some sight seeing.





Macy Phillips March 17.....Not at all sure what is causing the skin condition on this little boy. The Ugandan doctor said it was Eczema... and it very well could be, but if so it's pretty severe. 
Testing kits for HIV and Malaria. 300+ samples of blood were drawn this past week. Sadly, about 95% of the kids have malaria, but only 2 tested positive for HIV. by Macy Phillips

2014 March Medical and Preacher's Conference Mission Trip to Budiba, Uganda was a great success, thank You, Jesus. This mission trip came to a close today, Thursday, Mar. 13th for this time...but hopefully leaving the children in much better shape not only physically but spiritually. Praise God, those jiggers are out of their little feet and shoes are on them!  Now the team is on that long flight home...keep them in your prayers.




Day 4 at orphanage- After we were done with the medical part today we spent time with the kids in classes, played games and at the end Stanley shared Jesus with was a great day!

It's Monday morning, March 17, 2014 and I am still recouping from Jet Lag! I think that age is catching up with me. My dad tells me all the time " son your gonna have to slow down", and this morning I think he is right, it's just hard for me to do. I want to thank everyone for your prayers and support for our medical team that went to Uganda. We were able to get a lot of work done by starting medical records on over 200 children at our adopted orphanage in Budiba. Our team also removed (Jiggers) from the hands and feet of over 80 children, some children had over 30 jiggers! Our team also put shoes on their feet! We drew blood on over 250 children and tested them for T.B. , H.I.V., and Malaria. The greatest medical need that the children have is malaria prevention. Mosquito nets, mosquito spray with 60% deet, and antibiotics are needed!!! I will be meeting with my team in a couple of weeks to access our trip and plan for our July trip. Please pray for us as we try to determine what God would have us do next. They have nothing, and I mean nothing! At this point I am overwelmed at the need at Budiba!! Our plan is to take a small medical team with us in July to finish the acessments on the children and follow up on the other children. We also will take a very (high energy ) VBS team with us to minister to the children! We were planning on building some dorms to house the orphans but at this point we need to take a building contractor, and someone to draw some plans for the buildings and nail down building materials for the project. Getting building materials will be the most difficult thing to do!!! There's no Home Depot, Lowes or Concrete plants! Everything must be brought in from Kenya, or other areas, hundreds of miles away!! On top of that, theres no electricity, we will need generators, solar panels, and others ways to do the job! Pray for us that we will know what to do. We need to build these dorms so that we can get the children off of the ground and under mosquito nets. These are children made in the image of GOD, and yet our pets live better than they do!!! My dogs; well Macy's dogs sleep every night inside our garage on warm blankets, they eat all the time, they get their shots, heart worm meds, and even meds to keep the fleas off of them. It's just hard for me to believe that in 2014 there are children made in the image of God that sleep on the ground, have only one set of clothes, have no shoes, only eat one meal a day( if you can call it that) and are dying from cureable diseases such as malaria and common stomach viruses. While we were there we found a little girl unconscious in a field, her fever was over 105 degrees. My sister-n-law; Lynn (a R.N. charge nurse that works in ICU at Archibold in T-ville) and Philip ( a young pre-med student from UGA) took the little girl and started cooling her body down, they rushed her to a clinic where she was given IV fluids, and malaria medicine. The little girl survived but many do not!!! 90% of the 250 blood test that we did on the children came back positive for malaria!!! There was another little boy that we found that was just days away from death, his name is Amos, he has full blown HIV, and both strans of malaria , he and his two siblings live with their grandmother ( their parents both died with aides) the grandmother cannot take care of them so they are dying a slow painful death without any meds. She believed that they were bewitched, that a witch cast this spell on them and that is why they were sick! She didn't know that they were sick with HIV and malaria! We took Amos to the clinic for treatment and after his first treatment and some fluids he was already feeling better. Pray for us, as you can see we have a daunting task before us! I don't know why God would take a country boy from Climax that knows nothing about nothing and give him a 501-C3 non-profit ministry to help these dying children in Uganda, but He did and I must respond! I Have Now Seen With My Own Eyes the Hollow Place of Hopelessness in The Children's Eyes at Budiba, and I Have No Choice but To Respond With Love, Compassion, and all the Help That I Can Give Them in The Name of Jesus! YOU CAN HELP BY GOING TO OUR SUPPORT PAGE AND FILLING OUT A FORM.

Stanley, April & Macy

Pictures of the 3 day Pastor's Conference that WOTTM held in Uganda during this mission trip. There were 250+ attending each day...some came as far as 100 miles, some drove but many walked...they pitched tents to stay in.




 Day one at orphanage in Budiba- Lynn Phillips puts it like this, First day a success - we were able to remove jiggers, test for HIV and malaria and the Dr. assessed and treated 60 kids. Children were also fitted for shoes . Also, Stanley, Michael & Johnny were involved in a 3-Day Pastors  Conference, which Michael is leading. Keep the team in prayer...the weather is very hot..

Thank you West Street Baptist Church, Union Grove Baptist Church, Fellowship Baptist Church, Climax Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, Sugar Valley Baptist Curch, Grow Drugs, Dr, Stafford, Cox Pharmacy in Cairo, and all the Desciple Now Adults and Youth. Also, thanks to all the individual contributions that makes this mddical mission trip possible!  Thanks to Seaborn Printing in Bainbridge for all your help with our Pastors Training Materials. Leaving Thursday, Mar. 6th! Pray for our team.  SP